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Find Participating Preschools, Infant/Toddler Centers, and Family Child Care Homes Near You

SiteTypeZipPhoneRatingRating Exp. Date
Amber Hayes Family Child Care HomeF95938(530) 865-6595*
Associated Students Children’s CenterC, S95927(530) 898-5865508/30/2021
Bidwell Academy for Young ChildrenC95928(530) 345-2292*
Borgman, Jennifer Family Child Care HomeF95928(530) 892-8069*
Butte College Child Development CenterC, S95965(530) 895-2377OnBoarding
Cedarwood Children’s CenterC, S95954(530) 532-5643406/04/2021
Chico Community Children’s Center - Eaton RdC, S95973(530) 343-93494Re-rating in Process
Chico Community Children’s Center PreschoolC, S95928(530) 345-34934Re-rating in Process
Chico Community Day Care Infant/Toddler ProgramC, S95928(530) 891-5363Rating in Process
Chico Oaks PreschoolC95926(530) 342-4813*
Circles Children’s CenterC, S95928(530) 879-7492409/05/2020
Conley, Cheryl Family Child Care HomeF95965(530) 990-2021209/27/2020
E Center Head Start- South Oroville CenterC, S95966(530) 533-40744Re-rating in Process
E Center Head Start-Fairview CenterC, S95926(530) 891-3092 x147Not Yet Rated
Eastside Children’s CenterC, S95966(530) 532-5643410/12/2020
Enchanted Play Infant & Preschool Center, LLCC95973(530) 715-0436*
Feather River Recreation & Park District Children’s Services95965(530) 533-2011*
First United Methodist Church PreschoolC, S95966(530) 533-7321312/12/2021
Gridley Children’s CenterC, S95948(530) 532-5643406/19/2021
Heather Ives Family Child Care HomeF95926(530) 354-1167*
HeideMarie Shepherd Family Child Care HomeF95928(530) 321-1019*
Helen Wilcox PreschoolC, S95966(530) 533-1560Not Yet Rated
Innovative Preschool, IncC95926(530) 343-2028*
Ivory Gross Family Child Care HomeF95965(530) 712-1492*
Jeanine Murphy Family Child Care HomeF95973(530) 343-8007*
Jesica Giannola Family Child Care HomeF95928(530) 566-0455211/07/2020
King’s Christian PreschoolC95926(530) 345-3100*
Little Bobcats PreschoolC, S95926(530) 897-8866411/21/2021
Little Feet, Big StepsF95966(530) 828-3315Not Yet Rated
Little Mustangs PreschoolC, S95928(530) 891-3128408/29/2020
Little Panthers PreschoolC, S95928(530) 891-3139 x149Not Yet Rated
Little Paws PreschoolC, S95928(530) 891-3100308/29/2020
Mary Ellen Woodmansee Family Child Care HomeF95973(530) 345-5928*
Meuy Wang Family Child Care HomeF95973(530) 343-1987*
Noah’s Ark Infant, Toddler and Preschool CareC95926(530) 370-7439*
Oakdale Heights Children’s CenterC, S95966(530) 532-5643406/19/2021
Palermo State PreschoolC95968(530) 533-4730Not Yet Rated
PeeWee PreschoolC95969(530) 228-7393*
Shasta Children’s CenterC, S95973(530) 532-5643410/12/2020
Suzi Maloney Family Child Care HomeF95973(530) 514-8031507/10/2020
TLC PreschoolC, S95965(530) 538-2950406/04/2021
Wynn Memorial Learning CenterC95966(530) 712-9345Not Yet Rated

Updated as of 01/10/20

Site Type Code:

  • F = Family Child Care Home
  • C = Center Based Program
  • S = Subsidized may require income verification

* A program with an asterisk is participating in quality improvement activities but has not elected to receive a quality rating.

Alternative Setting Programs Engaged in Quality Improvement

Program Type Zip Phone Website
Butte Baby Steps Home Visiting Program 95965 (530) 538-8221
Hmong Cultural Center Resource Center 95965 (530) 534-7474
Youth for Change- Strengthening Families Program Playgroups 95966 (530) 230-0211 ext 204
Sunny Garden Montessori Playgroups 95973 (530) 343-3101
Parent Infant Programs Home Visiting Program 95973 (530) 343-8106
Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program Home Visiting Program 95973 (530) 345-1600
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