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You are the center of a child’s world

Children’s family and caregivers offer them the first and most important experiences in life… love, connection, safety, play, and learning. When quality care is offered, children have a brighter future.

  • Children develop to reach their fullest potential
  • Experiences are meaningful and support learning now, and in the future
  • Children feel secure, supported, and loved
  • As children progress in school, they are more successful

Families can offer young children more when they know fun, but powerful skills to use at home, and when they choose the very best learning environments for the needs of their child. 

Families spend a lot of time with their young children, and sometimes it’s difficult to know how to fill that time. “Do I really need to buy the latest toy or let them watch that movie AGAIN?” The secret is to make the most of the time spent together.  Simple things, like the words you choose, where you point, or what questions you ask may actually help make children smarter, more confident, and feel more loved. Check out Butte Basics to learn more.

How children spend their day is vital to their growth, so choosing a quality care program is vital. There are tools  that help families make that choice. Plus, Steps To Quality, has a list of Quality Care Providers for families.

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