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Quality Resources

Early childhood educators may inform themselves from a variety of sources that are intended to improve their practice in the classroom or when working directly with families of young children.

Infant Toddler Learning Foundations
Learn about a child’s early development in the first few months of life, and what is happening as they begin to learn about their environment.

Preschool Learning Foundations
A guide to support Early Care Educators in strengthening preschool education and school readiness. The foundations are a way of understanding what is typical of a child who receives appropriate support in the classroom so that adults can best meet each individual child’s needs.

Strengthening Families
Discover a framework for increasing family strength, promoting child development, and reducing conditions of abuse and neglect.  Service providers may learn new ways to interact with families and capitalize on their strengths.

Early childhood educators can learn about the NAPSACC standards and self-assessment, a tool for improving eating, physical activity, and oral health for children, from birth to five year old.

ERS Environmental Rating Scale
A way for educators to assess the classroom quality based on systematic observation.

Learn about the CLASS, a tool for improving the quality of teacher-student interactions to promote optimal learning and development. The CLASS can be implemented in any classroom.

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