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Quality early learning and care supports the development of the whole child

It prepares young children for kindergarten, and supports their future school success. Early learning educator or child care provider can have a positive, lifelong impact on a children’s by providing high quality early learning and care experiences that meet the unique needs of families.

Educators and providers can support the healthy development of children to…

  • Have positive play experiences
  • Learn important social skills
  • Grow as social emotional learners
  • Develop healthy relationships to caregivers
  • Feel love and support
  • Succeed in school and later in life

Support for Quality Care in California

California, as part of a national movement to increase the quality of early learning programs, has made an investment in raising program quality across the state through the development of its Quality Counts California Rating Improvement System. California’s system encourages local flexibility, so Butte County created its Steps to Quality Program to support early learning and care providers to receive training, tools, and resources needed to be successful.

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